Ron VanPeursem

Who is Ron VanPeursem?

Thanks for asking! Since 2010, I’ve been the Content Marketing Strategist for Shift Digital Media, and managed their Digital Marketing Services Office in India . Shift Digital still calls on me occasionally, but in early 2015 I began a transition toward expanding my own company in North India… Vihanti Digital Services, Pvt. Ltd. It’s a small company, but I have absolutely LOVED the Ron VanPeursemopportunity to build it from scratch with my good friend and partner, Dr. Solomon Das, PhD. Our employees became family, and our office became home.

You might find stray links spread around the internet that connect me to my old blog “”. That’s where I used to share insights about living, working and becoming relevant in cross-cultural contexts. It surprisingly became a fairly popular blog until the server that hosted it experienced a sort of “melt down” that left me without a single shred of content (please don’t make me think about that!). For now, I’m combining the cross-cultural communication world with the global entrepreneurial world into this one website about Cultural Intelligence. I hope you enjoy it.

My wife and I were born and raised in the U.S.A., but have been living away from America since 1983 (except for some temporary stints in the U.S.). Our globe-trotting journey (mainly as cross-cultural proficiency trainers for non-profits) has created in us a compelling desire to help entrepreneurs that are attempting to launch businesses as expats, and that’s precisely why Solomon and I are kicking it into gear in the development and diversification of Vihanti Digital Services. Building a business in a foreign land is not for the faint of heart, but it IS a journey that’s loaded with reward.

So with one foot planted squarely in India, I also keep my day job of teaching Cross Cultural Communication at the Escuela de Comunicacíon Transcultural, de México. It’s a blast, and allows me to divide my time between India and Mexico, and to continue to learn and grow in the fascinating world of cross-cultural intelligence.