The One Marketing Mistake That Costs You 75% of Your Page Views

Mistake that costs marketers 75% of page views!

There are a number of basic marketing mistakes that can hurt your page views and overall traffic. Poor user interface on your site; poorly written content; boring or irrelevant post titles; lack of optimization (url, description, anchor text, etc.). But let’s talk about the content marketing mistake (a very common one) that can cost you, on average, 75% of your normal volume of page views.

Talk too much about yourself: lose 75% of your readers

But according to the statistics at Content Marketing Institute, the one marketing mistake that can cost you 75% of your normal page views is TO TALK ABOUT YOURSELF!

If we don’t talk about ourselves, who will?!!

Trust comes first; selling comes later

This is not just a little “Marketing no-no”; it’s actually a content marketing death wish. It’s never been very polite to talk about yourself, so this shouldn’t come as such a surprise, but in fact, it IS a bit surprising to many of us. Branding, Advertising and Marketing have — for so long — been seen as efforts to tell everyone about our great array of products and services. Our rhetorical question is, “If we don’t talk about ourselves, who will?!”

Well, fortunately, there’s a good answer for that question. If we’re willing to produce and provide content that really satisfies a need or answers a question that our target reader has, then THEY will be the ones to eventually be talking about us! This approach to marketing can be labeled as Inbound Marketing, or as “Give-to-Get” marketing. It’s related also to what I call “Reality Marketing”. But the main point is this: if we provide content that adds value to the reader by addressing a real need that they have, then they will engage more with our content, they will share it with their friends, and they will develop a sense of trust in our Brand. At that point, THEY will be the ones to look further into our products and services and come looking for that information about ourselves that we chose not to force upon them.

People look for your goods and services AFTER they trust you

Joe Pulizzi observes, in his article about Epic Content Marketing, that the normal content at CMI — which is educational, and designed to answer people’s real questions — will suffer a 75% loss in page views when they publish a piece of content about themselves. CMI’s experience is very similar to what we see at Shift Digital Media: people will look for your goods and services AFTER they’ve developed trust in your Brand.

So…create content that provides relevant help for your target readers’ questions. Talk about yourself LATER, when they’re the ones asking you about your company!